Charles 'Chuck' Eugene

Charles 'Chuck' Eugene was adopted in 2015 when he was just a pup. His folded, wrinkly face and big floppy ears made him look like the tiniest old man.  Life before the farm was spent in nature exploring; frequently running the river, taking road trips to neighboring mountains, and of course taste-testing all camping meals before distribution to the humans.   

A Mastiff Beagle

The largest Beagles weigh up to 30 pounds and stand 13"-15" at the shoulder.  Once fully grown, Chuck came in at a whopping 40lbs and 17 inches!  This made us curious as to his true breed so we purchased an Empower DNA test.  The results came back a bit surprising with a 99.9% match to a full bred Beagle.   Looks like he's just the biggest beagle in all of Iowa...or as Grandma says, a "Mastiff Beagle". 

Our Beginnings

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