Here you will find  our barn buddies who are not permeant residents, but are stalled with us or simply passing through for a few days.

Louie and Lenny Bubblegum

Louie and Lenny Bubblegum are pure bred Normande bull calves.  They are staying with us until our neighbor's barn is built.  While they are not permanent residents, they have been hanging around long enough for us to fall in love.  

Lou came to my neighbor as a bottle calf and had been attacked by dogs.   His injuries resulted in a week long stay at Iowa State University where he could receive specialized care.  The attacks and injuries didn't slow him down one bit; he bounced back and his playful personality showed through.  Like many youngsters, you'll frequently find him romping around the pasture getting into trouble with Rudy.  Its been a really fun experience learning about cattle and how they can be great companion animals.