The Mousers

Meet our permanent residence and learn how they help out on the farm!

Mouser Farm Hands

The barn absolutely could not function without our trusty mousers.  Each cat has either taken up residence on their own, or come from our local shelter's "Working Cat" program.  Each cat is paid fairly and offered the unbeatable benefit of free and unlimited health care.  

Dinner is provided each evening to supplement their efforts in reducing barn pests.  All barn cats must adhere to our strict spay and neuter policy to help control local populations.  Yearly check-ups, vaccinations, and other vet care is offered as-needed.

Lending a Paw

Many feral and semi-feral cats are brought to shelters as strays.  Unfortunately, a good number of them are not well suited for an in-home environment.  Working cat programs offer an alternative that allows them to live their best lives.  Once spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and given a healthy vet-check, they are adopted out to special homes.  These special adoptees go to farms, warehouses, or other places in need of good 'mousers'.   It is then the cats 'job' to help control pests while the new owners provide basic care if the hunt is unsuccessful.  All adopters agree to give appropriate shelter, water, and supplemental food to the working cats.